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BWMG Depot is a mid game replacement/extension of the Material Forge, boasting greater quantities of equipment and chances of getting higher-tier Maidens.

The BWMG Depot unlocks at HQ level 12 and costs 1.5M silver to build in the base.

The BWMG Depot generates IRID, TRIT and DEXT, that will begin to drop from Story Mode as well, after the depot is built. These three materials are required to utilize the Depot.

How to Use:[edit | edit source]

For equipment, it is recommended to use the recipe the game offers you from:

Depot > Item Info > (pick your equipment slot) > (pick the equipment you would like to craft) > Refactor Formula (Chance)

Then just pick an attire to use and press Refactor.

Possible Drops[edit | edit source]

Purple and Gold tanks

S1 Equipments (10-25?)

Materials[edit | edit source]

Recommended Recipes[edit | edit source]

The minimum amount of total resources (IRID + TRIT + DEXT) used to have a chance to get a gold:

Blueprint level Minimum of total resources used BWMG depot level
N3 90 1
N4 256 1
N5 +- 390 (exact amount is not known) 2
N6 +- 512 (exact amount is not known) 3

Using more than the minimum amount has some positive influence on the chance of getting a gold. Exact numbers are not known.

Known Timers for Golds[edit | edit source]

Time Name Level Dogtag? (MC)
04:40 Covenanter Cruiser N3
05:00 (15:40) Jagdpanzer IV Alkett N3 yes
05:20 Churchill MK-VI N3
05:20 Grant MK-VII N3 yes
05:20 Matilda CS N3 yes
05:20 StuG ausf. E N3
05:40 StuG ausf. F N3 yes
06:00 Tetrarch DD N3 yes
06:20 T-18M N3 yes
06:40 Marder III N3 yes
07:20 M3 half-track N3
07:20 T-35A N3
07:40 T-46 N4 yes
07:40 Wespe SPG N4
08:00 M6A2 HT N4
08:00 Nashorn TD N4 yes
08:00, 11:00 Churchill AVRE N4 yes
08:20 Katyusha M13 N4 yes
08:20 Valentine X N4 yes
08:20, 9:40,9:45 (11:40) Bison II N4
09:20 M10A1 Wolverine N4
09:40 M3A3 Stuart N4 yes
09:40, 13:40 T-34M N4
10:20 Panhard 178B N4
11:20 (10:40) Pz III ausf. L N4
12:20 T-60 light tank N4
12:40 Alecto Mk. IV N4
12:40 M7B2 SPG N4
13:00 M22 Locust N4
13:40 BA-10M N4
14:00 M7B2 Priest N4
14:20 Pz IV Ausf G N4 yes
14:20 Sd.Kfz.232 N4 yes
15:00 (11:40) SU-100 N4
15:45 16:20 Sherman MK- V N5
16:00 M37 SPG N5 yes
16:00 T-50 N5
16:00 Sd.Kfz 234/1 N4 yes
16:20 BTR-50PA N5
16:20 M44 SPG N5
16:20 Mk. VIII Light Tank N5
16:20 TOG2 N5 yes
17:20 Cromwell Mk VI N5
17:20 (19:00) Crusader SPG N5
17:40 AT-8 N5
17:40 Panzer IV Ausf. H N5
17:40 SU-14 SPG N5 yes
18:00 ARL 44 N5
18:00 Jagdpanther N5
18:00 KV-2 N5
18:00 M41A1 Bulldog N5
18:20 AMX-13 Diesel N5
18:20 T-60/BM-8-24 rocket SPG N5
19:00 Sherman Firefly N5 yes
19:00 Tiger 1 Ausf. E N5
20:00 G.W. Tiger (17cm) N6
20:00 M26 Pershing N6

Community Maintained List for Recipes[edit | edit source]