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Basic Gameplay

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Main Screen[edit | edit source]

Main Screen.jpg
Every time upon entering the game, you will be presented this screen. Your current selected team's leader (first slot) OR your selected Aide will be shown on the left.
Each main button on the screen will be described below.

Sortie[edit | edit source]

Go out to Battle.

Organize (ORG)[edit | edit source]

View the Maidens you have, and form your squads.

  1. This shows the current Maidens you have. You can also sort them via their tank class using the buttons on the left.
  2. Pressing the Attack/Defense Squad buttons in (1) will bring you to this screen, which allows you to form your squads. Attack Squads are used in Sorties, while the Defense Squad is what other players will see when they Clash with you.
  3. Pressing a specific Maiden in (1) will bring you to this screen. You can view their stats, and change their Equipment and Technology.
  4. Pressing the magnifying glass in (3) will bring you to this screen. A more detailed view of their stats.

Stats[edit | edit source]

See the exact strengths and weaknesses of your Maidens.

Stat Function
Firepower Firepower The "attack" stat, a determinant of how much damage your Maiden can do.
Penetration Penetration Determines how much Armor your Maiden ignores while attacking, and the probability of shots being ricocheted off. Thus, also a determinant of damage.
Targeting Targeting A determinant of accuracy, and also determines the order of attack during Contact stage.
Durability Durability The "Max HP" stat, a Maiden is incapacitated when she takes damage past this amount in a battle.
Armor Armor The "Defense" stat, it determines how much damage your Maiden takes from incoming attacks.
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Evasion The more you have, the less likely you'll get hit.
Stealth Stealth Determines how less Exposed a Maiden gets when firing and thus their likelihood to get shot at in battle.
Detection Detection Required to win the Scouting phase for additional attacks, and increases the enemy's Exposure more when they attack your Maiden.
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Range How far your Maiden can shoot. Large variance between Maiden Range and Map Range will cause accuracy debuffs as enemies are too close or too far from where the shot lands. Also determines order of attack during Shelling stage.

Tank Classes[edit | edit source]

The right girl for the right job.

There are 6 classes which all have certain features that distinguishes them from another class. Every class has a distinct role in a team that matches their features. However there are tanks from certain classes that can also fill the roll of another class if they have the right equipments.

The 6 classes and their features are listed below.

Class Combat Notes
Heavy_big Heavy Tanks High defensive capability, with low Stealth. Varying offensive capability. HTs are intended as meatshields, drawing attacks away from the more frail classes.
Medium_big Medium Tanks The Jack-Of-All-Trades, with varying defensive and offensive capabilities. MTs are good all-rounders in battle.
Light_big Light Tanks Less defensive capability than MTs, but tend to have more Stealth and Detection. LTs are also well rounded, but tend to be favored as scouts.
SPG_big Self-Propelled Guns High offensive capability and Range, low defensive capability. SPGs will be the main source of damage during long-range Shelling, with Range stats more than triple of most other tanks.
Car_big Light Assault Vehicles Medium-high Stealth and Detection, high Evasion, low defensive capability. LAV are favored as scouts but can be a veritable threat in CQB if they have Infantry equipped.
TD_big Anti-Tank Guns High offensive capability, varying defensive capability. ATGs hit the hardest in short to medium range battles, and some can act as secondary meatshields due to their usage of Heavy Armor.

Objectives (OBJ)[edit | edit source]

You can find your missions and rewards here. Once you have completed one there will appear a green dot to indicate that you can claim your reward.

There are multiple categories of missions:

  • Rookie - Basic missions, useful for advancing a commander. Includes researching technology as well as daily missions.
  • Building - Base building missions. Includes upgrading any and all of the base's buildings.
  • Primary - Includes leveling milestones for the commander.
  • Combat - Combat missions. Includes passing story missions, getting an S in a volume or special, accumulating wins, and collecting Maidens.

Upgrade (UPG)[edit | edit source]

This is where you can upgrade your Maidens by feeding them food or other Maidens to increase their Maiden Level.

Upgrade Screen - Empty.png

By pressing Tap to Select, you can select one of your Maidens that is going to be upgraded.

Upgrade Screen.png

Once you have selected a Maiden to upgrade you will see your Maiden to the left with her current level and stats. There is a maximum of 8 upgrade slots at a time. When selecting food or another Maiden you can see how much experience this upgrade will give you and the level and stat changes that will occur (shown in green). On the right you see the button UPG with an amount of silver. This is the fee that you pay to upgrade your tanks. The amount is based on the amount of experience that your tanks gain.

Base[edit | edit source]

This is an overview of your base where you can upgrade buildings for various funtions. More information on the buildings is found here.

  • Headquarters - Affects max silver storage, max Petrol, and Petrol Production.
  • Silver Mine - Affects the max silver the mine can hold (NOT max silver storage) and silver production.
  • Silver Vault - Affects max silver storage.
  • Iron Mine - Affects the max g-iron the mine can hold and g-iron production.
  • Service Station - Affects max G-Milk storage and G-Milk production.
  • Port - Allows purchase of Maidens, Materials, and Equipment. Affects number of items for sale.
  • BWMG Depot - Allows development of certain Maidens and Equipment by using IRID, TRIT and DEX

Science and Technology (S&T)[edit | edit source]

Improve the Technology you use to gear up your Maidens.

  • Gun - Gives different weaponry, with different damages and ranges.
  • Armor - Gives different armor, affecting Damage, Critical, Evade, Ricochet, and Debuff chance.
  • Chassis - Provides immunity to some terrain effects.
  • Engines - Provides immunity to some terrain effects.
  • Manual - Improves Detection (DET) and Stealth (STL).

Research and Development (R&D)[edit | edit source]

You will find an overview of all Maidens here with their prerequisites in order to Research them. The Maidens are categorised by class and by rarity (blue, purple and gold).


There are 4 distinctions to be found in this screen.

  • Maidens that you currently have with their level and rank (the stars)
  • Maidens that you can Research. This will give you the Maiden at the cost of materials, blueprints and silver.
  • Maidens that you can Develop. These are Maidens where you are in possession of the components but not yet reached the requirements to Research them.
  • Maidens where you have yet to collect all the components to enter the Development stage.

Depot[edit | edit source]

Here you can view your inventory, and where to find certain items.

Store[edit | edit source]

Purchase, trade, or forge for goods using Gold, G-Corn, and Iron respectively.