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Metal Maidens

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Heavy big.png

A33 Excelsior

A42 Churchill (Mk-VII)

Churchill Mk-I

Churchill Mk-II

Churchill Mk-III

Churchill Mk-IV

Churchill Mk-V

Churchill Mk-VI


Churchill Mk-VIII

Centurion Mk-III

Medium big.png


Matilda (A11)

Matilda Mk-III

Centaur Medium Tank

Cromwell Mk-I

Cromwell Mk-III

Cromwell Mk-IV

Cromwell Mk-VI

Light big.png

Crusader Mk-I

Crusader Mk-II

Mk.II Cruiser Tank

Mk.III Cruiser Tank

Mk.IV Cruiser Tank

Mk.VIII Light Tank

Tetrarch Light Tank

A17 Prototype


Valentine III

Valentine VI

Valentine VIII

Valentine X

Covenanter Cruiser Tank

SPG big.png

Crusader SPG

Birch SPG

Matilda Hedgehog

Sexton SPG


Car big.png

Daimler Armored Car

FV601 Saladin

TD big.png

Alecto Mk-I

Alecto Mk-II

Alecto Mk-IV


AT2 Anti-tank SPG

AT8 Anti-tank SPG

Root-national flag-02.pngFreedoniaRoot-national flag-02.png
Heavy big.png

T1 Heavy Tank

T26 Tank

M6 Heavy Tank

M6A1 Heavy Tank

M6A2 Heavy Tank

T29 Heavy Tank

T29E3 Heavy Tank

Medium big.png

Grant Mk-I

Grant Mk-II

Grant Mk-III

Grant Mk-IV

Grant Mk-V

Grant Mk-VI

Grant Mk-VII

Grant Mk-VIII

Sherman Mk-I

Sherman Mk-II

Sherman Mk-III

Sherman Mk-IV

Sherman Mk-V

M2 Medium Tank

M4 Composite

M26 Pershing

M46 Patton

Light big.png

M3A1 Stuart

M5 Stuart

M24 Chaffee M2 Light Tank M3 Stuart T24 Prototype T24E1
M22 Locust T37 Light Tank M41 Bulldog M41A1 Bulldog M5A1 Stuart
SPG big.png M7 Priest M7B1 Priest M7B2 Priest T19 Howitzer M12 SPG M40 SPG M44 SPG
T34 Calliope T34E1 Calliope M43 SPG T1 Howitzer T40 Whizbang
Car big.png M3 Scout Car M2 Half Track M3 Half-track M10 Wolverine M18 Hellcat M10A1 Wolverine Staghound Mk-III
Super Hellcat T17 Staghound T17E1 Staghound (Mk-I)
TD big.png T28 Super Heavy Tank M56 Scorpion
Root-national flag-05.pngGalliaRoot-national flag-05.png
Heavy big.png ARL44 Heavy Tank Renault B1 Heavy Tank Renault B1 bis
Medium big.png
Light big.png AMX-13 (75mm) AMX-13 Diesel Renault FT-17 Renault R35
SPG big.png
Car big.png Panhard 178A Panhard 178B
TD big.png
Root-national flag-03.pngBavariaRoot-national flag-03.png
Heavy big.png Tiger (Porsche) Tiger II (Porsche) Tiger (Early Henschel) Tiger Ausf. E Pz.Kpfw.B2 Tiger II (Henschel)
Medium big.png

Panzer III Prototype

Panzer III Ausf. E Panzer III Ausf. F Panzer III Ausf. G Panzer III Ausf. H Panzer III Ausf. J Panzer III Ausf. L
Panzer IV Prototype Panzer IV Ausf. A Panzer IV Ausf. B Panzer IV Ausf. C Panzer IV Ausf. D Panzer IV Ausf. E
Panzer IV Ausf. F2 Panther Prototype Panther Ausf. A Panther Ausf. D Panther Ausf. G Panzer IV Ausf. H
Light big.png 35(t) Light Tank 38(t) Light Tank 38(t) Tank Ausf. D SP I.C.
SPG big.png Hummel SPG Grille H Grille M Bison SPG Bison II Geschützwagen Tiger 17 Wespe SPG
Car big.png Sd.Kfz.231 Sd.Kfz.233 Sd.Kfz.234/2 Sd.Kfz.251/10 Sd.Kfz.251/23 Sd.Kfz.251/9
Sd.Kfz.251/1 Sd.Kfz.234/3 Sd.Kfz.232
TD big.png Sturmgeschutz III prototype Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. A Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. C Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. D Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. E Sturmgeschutz IV
Jagdpanzer IV Prototype Jagdpanzer IV Marder II Marder II (Type 132) Hetzer sIG-33 Jagdtiger (88mm)
Jagdpanther Ferdinand Prototype Marder Tank-destroyer Sturmtiger Elefant Tank Destroyer Marder III Ausf. M
Root-national flag-04.pngRossiyaRoot-national flag-04.png
Heavy big.png KV-1 KV-1B KV-1S KV-85 KV-2 KV-3
IS-1 IS-2 IS-2m T-35-1 T-35A
Medium big.png T-28 Medium Tank T-34 Prototype T-34/76 T-34/85 T-34M T-43 Medium Tank T-44/100
Light big.png BT-2 Fast Tank BT-3 Fast Tank BT-4 Fast Tank BT-5 Fast Tank T-33 Scout Tank T-37 Scout Tank T-38 Scout Tank
T-40 Light Tank T-26 T-26B T-50 T-60 Light Tank T-18 (Model 1930) T-80 Light Tank
SPG big.png SU-18 SPG SU-26 SPG SU-5 SPG SU-8 SPG Katyusha M8 T-40/BM-8-24 T-60/BM-8-24
Car big.png BTR-141 BTR-40 BTR-50 BA-3 BA-6 BA-10M BTR-50PA
TD big.png SU-76 SU-76M SU-76I SU-85 SU-122 SU-100 ISU-122
Root-national flag-07.pngNipponRoot-national flag-07.png
Heavy big.png
Medium big.png Type 97 (Shinoto)
Light big.png
SPG big.png
Car big.png
TD big.png
Event Tanks
Heavy big.png Churchill AVRE TOG2 Black Prince Churblade II
Medium big.png Matilda CS Grant Mk-VII Panzer IV Ausf.G (H) Sherman Firefly A34 Comet
Light big.png T-18M Valentine X M3A3 Stuart Tetrarch (DD) 38 (T) Tank Ausf. G T-46 BT-7 Fast Tank
Vickers Mk.E
SPG big.png M37 SPG SU-14 SPG Katyusha M13
Car big.png Sd.kfz.232 Sd.Kfz.234/1 Sd.Kfz.251/22
TD big.png Marder III (Type 139) Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. F Jagdpanzer IV Alkett Nashorn ATG Steurer Emil