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Main Resources[edit | edit source]

Gold Gold Stack.png[edit | edit source]

Purchasable currency. It can be exchanged for silver, G-Iron, G-Milk, petrol, diesel, and various buffs.

Small Pile

of Gold

Small Bag

of Gold

Big Bag

of Gold

Small Box

of Gold

Big Box

of Gold

$0.99 $9.99 $19.99 $49.99 $99.99
80 Gold 960 Gold 2080 Gold 5600 Gold 12000 Gold
80.8 Gold/$ 96.1 Gold/$ 104.1 Gold/$ 112.0 Gold/$ 120.0 Gold/$

Silver Silver.png[edit | edit source]

In-game currency. It is used for many in-game purchases.

G-Milk G-Milk.png[edit | edit source]

A special drink not available to the public. When Metal Maidens drink it, they're able to quickly recover vast amounts of energy, several flavour

Instantly recovers Metal Maiden stamina.

G-Corn G-Corn.png[edit | edit source]

Because leader 'K' advocated so, cultivation of corn was greatly increased. Scientists were able to compress and condense the energy found in corn to

Allows purchasing of 140 petrol, 20 diesel, or 95 G-Milk per unit.

Petrol Petrol.png[edit | edit source]

Used for Story missions. Each mission has a certain petrol cost. The petrol cap rises as the Headquarters is upgraded.

Can be acquired from Base Headquarters, or through quests. Refilled upon Commander Level-up.

Diesel Diesel.png[edit | edit source]

Used for Clash missions. Each mission costs 10 diesel. The diesel cap does not rise as the Headquarters is upgraded.

G-IronG-Iron.png[edit | edit source]

A special type of iron ore not commonly found. This is used in the primary production of equipment for Metal Maidens, including their attire.

Can be acquired from Base Iron Mine, or through quests.

Codon Codon.png[edit | edit source]

Essentially the essential essence of technology. Nobody thus far have been able to crack its complex nature.

Codon is required to unlock research tiers, to research items, and to enhance and promote Metal Maidens.

Medal of Fate Medal of Fate.png[edit | edit source]

Can be used to Fate a Maiden

Research Resources[edit | edit source]

All Research Resources can be acquired from Meltdown.

Wreck Wreck.png[edit | edit source]

A mysterious wreckage found on the battlefield, used as reference material for research.

Dropped from:

  • T-1 Kharkiv
  • T-5 Enigma
  • T-9 Norway

Secret Plan Secret Plan.png[edit | edit source]

The first page of this document reads "CONFIDENTIAL"...

Dropped from:

  • T-2 Touring
  • T-6 Ascending
  • T-10 Zagrozenie

Processor Processor.png[edit | edit source]

A tiny chip used for advanced calculations and operations

Dropped from:

  • T-3 Crusader
  • T-7 Le Hussard
  • T-11 Westward

Test Doll Test Doll.png[edit | edit source]

Used to evaluate combat effectiveness, not designed for any other purposes.

Dropped from:

  • T-4 Casablanca
  • T-8 Cold Fire
  • T-12 Burma

Dogtag Dogtag.png[edit | edit source]

Metal dogtags engraved with a name, usually tucked away on Metal Maidens.

Dropped from Event Mission: Hard Currency

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

All Blueprints can be acquired from Meltdown, or purchased from the Naval Port after the first mission they can be dropped in.

Nº1 Blueprint N1 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N1. Unclassified

Dropped from:

  • T-1 Kharkiv
  • T-2 Touring

T-3 T-4

Nº2 Blueprint N2 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N2. Classifed

Dropped from:

  • T-5 Enigma
  • T-6 Ascending
Nº3 Blueprint N3 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N3. Restricted

Dropped from:

  • T-9 Norway
  • T-10 Zagrozenie
Nº4 Blueprint N4 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N4. Confidential

Dropped from:

  • T-13 Puppet
  • T-14 Far East
Nº5 Blueprint N5 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N5. Secret

Dropped from:

  • T-17 Southward
  • T-18 Generator
Nº6 Blueprint N6 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

Blueprint marked with an N6. Top Secret

Dropped from:

  • T-21 Existence
  • T-22 Accordance
Nº7 Blueprint N7 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]
Nº8 Blueprint N8 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]
Nº9 Blueprint N9 Blueprint.png[edit | edit source]

BWMG Resources BWMG Resources.png[edit | edit source]

These are unlocked and obtainable after the BWMG depot has been constructed. After that they will begin to drop from story missions as well. The BWMG depot generates these resources and leveling up the depot will increase the rate.

IRID IRID.png[edit | edit source]

TRIT TRIT.png[edit | edit source]

DEXTDEXT.png[edit | edit source]

Upgrading Resources[edit | edit source]

These are the foods used to upgrade metal maidens. They have a chance of dropping from every quest. Higher quality food drops from the Issues Event.