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Some pages are long enough that they aren't stubs anymore, but still require work before they can be considered finished. List them with a short description of what needs to be done here.

High Priority[edit | edit source]

General knowledge that new players will need; not having these means players are more confused and less likely to stay.

  • Basic Gameplay page is barebones, needs more descriptions and pictures.
  • Game Mechanics page looks bad, needs better formatting.
  • Enhance System page Not Started

Streamline the New Player Guide to be less wall-of-text-y

Medium Priority[edit | edit source]

Makes the wiki more meaty, or easier to navigate

  • Story : For all pages, add BWMG resource drop ranges
  • Encounter : Update page to template format
  • Frunze : Update page to template format
  • Pages in Game Mechanics : All but Combat and Stamina are still stubs. All could use pictures.
  • Item Pages e.g. Engines, Chassis stats, pre-requisites, who uses them : Not Started
  • Raid System : Not Started
  • Attires : Not Started
  • FAQs : If any exist?
  • Categorize pages
  • "See Also" links in pages
  • Navboxes (e.g.
  • Objectives : Need box added to front page (steal icon from main HQ in-game UI)

Low Priority[edit | edit source]

Bonus information not particularly needed, or easily referred to in-game

  • Technology : Find pics of T3 trees (perferrably all with GET or Research), fill in missing requirement info, link to items after item pages are created (NOTE: All Ammunition share similar requirements at the same level (only difference is wrecks for kinetic and secret plans for explosive), so if you know e.g. the level 7 requirements of APCR, fill up the same for the other level 7s.)
  • Lifestyle Activities : List all the possible activities on each slot.
  • Fill R&D information of girls in their own pages (their pre-requisites and what they are required for)