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World / Story

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Bavaria quiety begins the secret project codenamed: Zirkus with the full backing of their government. (Though nobody expected this would lead to humanity suffering heavy losses.)

MARCH 1941

Project Zirkus proceeds smoothly and through genetic manipulation, chemical modifications, as well as numerous unethical animal experimentations, the first successful test subject is born. A cybernetic organism, created from the melding of beast and machine, initially meant for manual-labor and controlled via radio waves, proves to be an incredible breakthrough. The militarization of Project Zirkus naturally follows, producing the world's first Beast Tanks. Zirkus was made public and Bavaria recieves global acclaim. Other nations quickly follow suit. A new era was upon mankind.


The Berlin Research Institute begins transport of a group of Beast Tanks via train to Harbin - Cathay. The train is attacked by unknown forces during transport and all the Beast Tanks went missing. The Institute immediately contacts the Bavarian government to investigate the matter, but due to fears of public backlash the government investigation quickly ends with no results. This case still remains a mystery.


In December, Bavaria is attacked by renegade Beast Tanks. Understanding the urgency of the matter, Bavaria begins deploying their armed forces. Amongst their forces are Beast Tanks as well. However, accidents happen, and the human forces soon lose control of the Beast Tanks which began to retaliate against their previous masters. Suffering heavy losses, Bavarian forces retreat.


With Bavaria constantly on the defensive, they had no choice but to reach out and ask for help... But it never crossed their minds that other nations were also being attacked by rogue Beast Tanks. Other nations soon lose control of their own cyborgs and the world fell into chaos. This war would go on to be called the Beast War.


The war continues for an entire year with the situation becoming more dire for mankind. Bavaria suffers the brunt of the damage and with their economy in tatters, the nation had no choice but to relocate the majority of its civilians and scientists to safer nations.

MARCH 1946

The war rages on for 2 more exhausting years. Mankind is still unable to fathom the bizzare tactics and strategies of these cybernetic beasts. During these years however, a very few military academies become quite famous for the exploits of their graduates. Among these academies are Frunze, Sandhurst, and Saint-Cyr. Despite the rare defensive successes, mankind has lost over half their territory. The war presses on.


The once-Bavarian scientists behind project Zirkus release unexpected secret information. Project Walküre -- The combination of man and machine. Initially developed alongside Zirkus but abandoned after human trials. After the relocation of Bavarian civillians and scientists in 1944, they continued the project in secrecy and eventually completed Project Walküre. Despite the reservations many have against this technology, nations are cornered and have little choice but to try it out and survive.


The war, or rather massacre of mankind, left nations drained of traditionally conscriptable men. Courageous young ladies, many who lost family, jump at the opportunity to possibly become the hope of humanity. The result of Project Walküre are the Metal Maidens. Most are considered national treasures due to the limitations in place to prevent another cyborg-related war. Many of these 'national treasures' embody the very soul of their people and ideology in both personality and design-language.

JUNE 1947

In order to train the Metal Maidens for combat, they are sent off to their respective nations' top military academies. The excellent maneuverability and firepower of Metal Maidens combined with the brilliant tactics of the young officer cadets proves to be tremendously synergistic. Thanks to this first generation, mankind tastes major victory for the first time in years. But because there were so few Metal Maidens, these experiences were few and far between.


In December, the remaining countries within the United Nations sign an agreement ---- formally establishing the Special Victoria Service (S.V.S). The new organization becomes the defacto command headquarters of Metal Maidens. Around this time, several PMCs, private military companies, begin developing their own Metal Maidens and equipment. These PMCs are initially shunned by the UN but are now recognized and cooperated with.


10 years later, our story begins...

Continue the adventure by playing through the Story Mode in Panzer Waltz, new chapters are constantly being written!


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