Zoe Sherman

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Zoe Sherman
Sherman MK-IV
Zoe Sherman 2.png
Type Medium tank.png
Rarity Purple
Nation Freedonia
CV Sumire Uesaka
Live 2D Available

  "The commander is the deciding factor in battle!"

 Zoe Sherman is a Sherman Mark IV Metal Maiden from the nation of Freedonia. She is the first Metal Maiden players will encounter in the game, and serves as an early adviser for the players. She often likes to compliment about how "great" she is, even though she screws up a lot and can be very naive and goofy every now and then. She also has a pet named Jumbo, a tank turret she carries with her on her shoulders.

Researches in to...

Level 35: T34E1 Calliope (Kerry Terence)

Level 75: Sherman Mk-V (Zoe Sherman)